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Happy happy birthday too my OLDER seester :) hahaha My headache original bully lol love you too nooo end lol always there when I need backup a friend a sister a WEIRDO lol but all in all a blessing.. My Betty Boop.. Thee only person I know to have Irish Twins but not look it :) Happy Happy birthday lovey.. May God bless you with many more..#HappyBirfday #Sisters #SheCrayCray #SheRaaatchet #OnlySheUnderstands

Happy Birthday tooo my beautiful P.I.C :) I thank God everyday for your friendship and love.. Even though we don’t see each other all the time or don’t even talk all the time when we are together it’s like time has frozen and we are back to our little selves lol.. Happy Birthday @tesilafau love an miss you.. May God Bless you with many more #SinceDiapers #PartnerInCrime #Insiders #SheGetsMe #LifetimeFriends #Irreplaceable

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